Administrative Unites in the College

First:  Administrative units related to the Dean:

  1. Secret Pen
  2. Council Secretariat
  3. Audit and Control
  4. Citizens Affairs Division
  5. Academic Promotion Committee
  6.  Quality Assurance Division
  7. Legal Division
  8. Media and Public Relations Division
  9. Computer and Information Unit
  10. Consultation office

Second: Administrative units related to Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate studies:

  1. Office Secretariat
  2. Scientific Publishing unit
  3. Training Unit
  4. Continuing Education Unit
  5. Scientific Affairs and graduate Studies Division
  6. Free Education Unit
  7. Library
  8. Studies Affairs Division

Third: Administrative units linked to Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs:

  1. Office Secretariat
  2. Accounts Division
  3. Warehouse and equipment Unit
  4. Follow-up Unit
  5. Database
  6. Services
  7. Human Resources Division