The College of Industrial Administration for Oil and Gas organizes a workshop on the mechanism of performing electronic examinations under the patronage of the President of Basra University for Oil and Gas Prof

Date: 26 May, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Hilal Hafez Al-Kaabi and under the supervision of the Dean of the College Dr. Sami Hashem Al-Saadi, the College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas organized a training workshop for teachers and lecturers on the mechanism of exam performance The electronic form in Google forms this morning, Tuesday, the twenty-fifth of May, and the workshop was managed by Dr. Sami Hashim Al-Saadi, and the Director of the Division of Continuing Education lectured in it, the assistant teacher, Montazer Oreibi Al-Lami. The outcome and the circumstances surrounding the educational process, pointing out the need to hold such workshops to provide teachers and students with sufficient information to enable them to successfully finish the school year, while Al-Saadi indicated that the college is intent on holding continuous and continuous workshops for its staff in all departments in order to urge them to know the latest developments In the fields of electronic education, to move forward with next steps that can be delivered The curriculum in a smooth and interactive manner for our dear students, and the lecturer in the workshop dealt with how to design questions in the form of a Google form, schedule questions for self-release, answer students and send them to the examination committee, touching on the mechanisms of filling out model answers and electronic correction and avoiding technical problems in students ’answers, noting the importance of using official university mail To take the exams. Al-Lami indicated that the aim of the workshop is to identify the importance of Google Drive, which includes Google forms as a simple method for creating electronic tables.