The College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas organizes a workshop on a map for optimal employment of the workforce in Iraq

Date: 22 May, 2021

The College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas at the Basra University of Oil and Gas organized a virtual training workshop on the topic (Map of optimal employment of the workforce in Iraq) in order to draw a sticky map The graduates of the college in the labor market, coinciding with the imminent graduation of the first batch from the college and sponsored by the Dean of the College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas, Dr. Sami Hashem Faleh Al-Saadi, and the trainer and researcher Ali Khalaf lectured in it, and the session was moderated by Dr. Sami Al-Saadi, on the evening of Saturday the twenty-second of this May and via the Google Meet platform And in the presence of the fourth and third stage students in the Department of Oil and Gas Management and Marketing, Khalaf mentioned that the workshop aims to help students understand the Iraqi labor market, its challenges, the global labor market and its available opportunities in addition to study opportunities around the world. It also aims to provide students with the latest skills required in the market. Global work and how it can be obtained in addition to free training opportunities, and the workshop included encouraging the adoption of the entrepreneurial mentality of graduates as the cornerstone Promoting global economies and making them more flexible.