College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas Organizes a Training Course on SPSS Programme

Date: 14 November, 2022

Within the framework of the College endeavor to develop university cadres and their students and to raise their technical capabilities in preparation for the labor market, College of Industrial Oil and Gas Management organized a training course entitled (SPSS Statistical Analysis Program).

For the period (11-24/11/2022), assistant lecturer, Sukaina S. Aziz, gave a lecture about the programme, the lists contained in the program, and the function of each list. She added, "SPSS programme is used in all scientific research methods, and it is a set of lists and tools that can be Its method is to enter the data obtained by the scientific researcher through questionnaires, interviews, or data in general, and to analyze it statistically. The program is distinguished by its great ability to process data in order to reach useful and approved results in the projects under research."