A scientific symposium at College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas on oil licensing rounds

Date: 13 November, 2022

The Department of Oil Project Management at College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas organized a scientific symposium on the nature of oil licensing rounds, on Sunday, the thirteenth of November, in the conference hall. It was sponsored by the President of Basra University for Oil and Gas, Professor Dr. Muhammad H. Al-Kaabi, and under the supervision of the Dean of College, Dr. Sami H. Al-Saadi. The head of the Oil Projects Management Department, assistant lecturer Rafid Kh. Radi, and two students, Tahsin Abbas and Shamous Jaafar, presented research papers on the five licensing rounds. The most important positive points for foreign investments and the challenges facing new investments that stand in the way of attracting companies were also discussed. The lecturers talked about the need for everyone to know the details of oil contracts and their mechanisms, and the importance of students acquiring culture in their field of specialization and the disciplines branching from it.