College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas Organizes a Training Course on the Use of an Electronic Database for Exams

Date: 28 December, 2021

The College of Industrial Management for Oil and Gas organized a training course entitled “Using an Electronic Database for Exams”. The head of the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations at the university, Assistant Professor Dr. Raad Zaalan, lectured in the workshop, and presented by scientific assistant in the Industrial Administration for Oil and Gas, Dr. Ali Kazem. On Tuesday, 28th December in the conference hall. The workshop reviewed the student information program, which is designed to be unified for the university in all its faculties and departments so that each student has an identification number, and all the student’s information before he enters the college until he graduates from it is linked to this identification number. This program includes several chapters including the extraction of the student’s certificate, student card, and master-sheet based on the designs of some foreign universities, and a lot of statistics from success, failure, upload, and for all scientific departments or colleges. The program carries out the process of deporting students to the next stage automatically, and the information required for the student can be accessed. The current or graduate student using his ID number as mentioned above, and the program was built using both SQL and VBA to develop Access program to suit the data requirements for university students. With high levels of security to access the data so that some people can access certain data and cannot to other, more confidential information. The program could be for the examination committees and student affairs to participate in determining the places of entry for each of them. At the end of the workshop, the Dean of the college presented a letter of thanks and appreciation to the lecturer, Dr. Raad Zaalan for his efforts.