The College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas organizes a scientific symposium on safety procedures for Iraqi oil tankers

Date: 02 June, 2021

‏ The Division of Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance, in cooperation with the College of Industrial Administration of Oil and Gas, the Division of Information and Public Relations, the Division of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, and the Student Activities Department organized a scientific symposium on the topic (Security and Safety Procedures for Iraqi Oil Tankers) This morning, Wednesday, the second of this June, the media spokesman for Maritime Transport in Basra, Captain (Talib Al-Budairi) and Captain (Ali Salman Muhail), attended the symposium, and the symposium was moderated by the assistant teacher Fatima Hadi Ahmed, and the symposium included introducing the method of maritime transport of oil using oil tankers and types of oil tankers. And their capacities and designed to transport huge quantities of oil, as Al-Budairi indicated that there are two main types of oil tankers: crude oil tankers and oil product tankers, as crude oil tankers transport large quantities of unrefined crude oil from the oil extraction site to the refineries, and the researcher continued during His research paper: Maritime transport is the most used method because of the difficulty of laying pipelines in In order to achieve the desired goals with high efficiency, speed and quality, Al-Budairi also touched on the concepts of safety in maritime affairs to provide best practices and procedures to ensure safety and security in the field of maritime transport, and to prevent pollution of sea water with leaks and spills, which causes harm even to living organisms, pointing out to The importance of following field safety procedures to prevent the occurrence of environmental hazards and disasters, as the tanker is an oil facility, like any other oil facility, in which occupational safety and health procedures must be followed closely.